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Remembering Cecilia Carli

This is not a biography like any other, but the memory of a special person. It is always said when someone dies, and yet Cecilia really was.
In the short time she was a part of Casa Ailus, she left an indelible mark, giving her light to those around her, including me... a dragon who had forgotten how to fly because of too many wounds and disappointments.
Even before we met in person, Cecilia offered herself as my editor, and her sensitivity, attention and irony (I often found myself laughing in front of the computer screen while correcting her notes) supported and spurred me on to bring you Avelion, Argetlam and Brenna, who, embellished by her touch, will now forever be a little bit of hers too.
It is hard to explain who Cecilia was, but the world, at least mine, is a little poorer for her passing, and I can only add that you will be missed by me and all of Casa Ailus, and that we promise to keep flying high, as dragons and warriors, just as you did to the very end.

Even if you didn't know Cecilia personally, you can help other cancer patients like her by donating to the fundraising efforts of the AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research by continuing to follow the Streamer4Airc FB page or IG account of the same name.